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December 4, 2011
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HA Application: Basil M. Delmar by crazy6677 HA Application: Basil M. Delmar by crazy6677
EDIT: 2.9.13 Woot! another year for Basil!

Application for :iconhogwartsacademy:

Name: Basil M. Delmar

Age: 18 D.O.B: January 20th

House: Hufflepuff~

Year: 7th

Blood Status: Muggle born. Dad's a teacher, mom's a pediatrician.

Physical Description:

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 147
Hair color: Light brown
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Light Peach
Scars: One on his upper right hand shoulder, from when he was three and he fell off from jumping on the bed, so he hit the side table and cut his skin open.....

Basil is pretty much one of your typical Hufflepuffs, he’s loyal hard-working, and cares about what’s right. Most of all, he absolutely HATES getting into trouble, which causes him to stray away from those who have a habit of getting into sticky situations. The only time he’d be ever so willing to bend and/or break the rules is if any student looks down on, pranks, or makes fun of the Hufflepuff house, or his friends for hat matter, it irks him to no end, and he may hit you, depending on how severe the ‘insult’ is. Or he might just start crying, the guy can be pretty sensitive. Basil is pretty quiet when you first meet him, and he’s VERY clumsy. Over some time though, he’ll want to open up to you, this boy is pretty naive. When it comes to personal space, Basil prefers to keep to himself and doesn’t really like it when other’s touch him. He doesn’t exactly have the qualities of the other houses, he’s not very smart or creative, like most Ravenclaws . He’s not ambitious or sly, like your typical Slytherin. He’s not brave nor does he have a backbone, like a member of the Gryffindor house. He doesn’t even think he belongs to his own house often, which is pretty far from true. Sometimes Basil thinks he’s just useless and thus can find himself straying away from his friends to go off and be alone. He prefers to blend into the background and watch when things are getting, dicey. He takes his health pretty seriously, but not so much to where he works out or anything, just healthy foods. In all honesty, he tries not to come into so much contact with the other houses, especially the Slytherin house. Basil also enjoys Transfiguration, it's probably one of the only classes he'll ever do any good in.


:bulletyellow: Relaxing in the common room.
:bulletblack: Oranges~, or well, anything orange flavored ^^
:bulletyellow: The holiday's
:bulletblack: Transfiguration
:bulletyellow: Weekends
:bulletblack: Following the rules
:bulletyellow: Cold weather


:bulletblack: Getting into trouble
:bulletyellow: When others look down on his house
:bulletblack: Flying (he hates it XD), but he likes to watch quidditch
:bulletyellow: When people see him crying
:bulletblack: Spring
:bulletyellow: Trouble makers


:bulletblack: He's loyal
:bulletyellow: He's pretty naive.....That's probably not a really good quirk, unless someone wants to use him or whatever.....
:bulletblack: Rule follower
:bulletyellow: Has a good amount of second chances


:bulletblack: Getting hurt brutally, whether it's emotional or not
:bulletyellow: Being alone for more than 24 hours.
:bulletblack: And a lot of other things...




Basil was born to a very, very loving mother and father, who would both risk anything to spend time with their beloved child. His Dad would skip work at the local elementary school just to keep his son company, and mom would take off after she finishes with a patient for the same reason. Basil was always surrounded by his family. He would never want to go out and play with his friends, instead he'd rather would have been with mom and dad, going to the park or playing in the rain. When he first started attending Hogwarts, Basil was as shy as a mouse, and at first he hated it there, just hated it. Especially after seeing how most of the older kids would act around one another, and how the members of the houses could be so, separate..... He also wasn't all that interested in magic either, not until he got into transfiguration. Somewhere around his second year, he had a supposed 'traumatic' accident with flying.....Other than that, Basil has always been in the background, with the occasional fight every now and then, not really socializing all that much until near the end of his fifth year.


Mother: Maria S. Delmar, age 46 Nationality: French
Father: Samuel N. Delmar, age 49 Nationality: English

Mom's a pediatrician, Dad's a 4th grade elementary school teacher whose grandmother was a witch who also attended Hogwarts as a member of the Hufflepuff house, they've only had one child, Basil, and they met during his father's last year in collage. Nothing is really much said about them, except when they found out Basil was a wizard, they were just as happy as could be, although they were pretty tearful knowing that their only son would be gone most of the time, and on his own none the less. Still, they've been very supportive of their son and try their best to make sure his sense of moral values and respect isn't slipping.



Wand: 10" Oak with a dragon's heartstring core
Pets: A small grey mouse by the name of Catscratch...(mostly because the little guy is very....brave..)
Broom: None.....

. Has a habit of wandering off sometimes if he get's bored....
. Doesn't like to apologize, if he does, it's probably fake or half-heartedly....
. Thinks his only real friend is Catcratch, though the mouse ends up crawling back to his cage when he talks to him.....
. Feels sick easily...So, try not to gross him out with things that are considered grotesque by most people, he might throw up on your shoes.....


There we go~

Basil and Character art(c)me
:iconhogwartsacademy: and Application Template (c) :iconhelix-wing:
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