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October 14, 2012
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TDW: Adal by crazy6677 TDW: Adal by crazy6677
Woot Re-vamped Adal! (I've been meaning to do this for awhile XD) I'll edit up the history later ;w;

My Application for: :iconthedigitalwar:

I'm happy to RP with anyone, whether it's comments, notes, or msn, no need to ask :D


Name: Sindri Aδal goes by Adal though. (Aδal= Adal XD)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Digivice: Cellphone (Samsung Juke)
Digital Shard: Courage
Height: 5’8" (173cm)
Eye color: Aqua
Hair color: Yellow organge-ish?
Birthday: February 19
Nationality: Icelandic

Adal comes off as your typical ‘good-looking’ guy, he has the bubbly personality, he’s a little self-absorbed, and he’s a ladies-man. Although, honestly he’s a really nice guy (most of the time), and he would do anything to help a friend in need, no matter what the circumstances are. Adal is a mellow and down-to-earth kind of person, he goes with the flow, unlike his partner. Even though he is quite the ladies-man, personally he dislikes women, well mostly just the girly-girl type of woman, one who is happy-go-lucky, wears a lot of pinks and purples, preppy, enjoys cute and cuddly things, and is desperate to find love; and he always finds himself being around or wooing those types. The only way he could ever really stand girls like that is because he enjoys ‘toying’ with their hearts in the beginning and then smashing it. That’s pretty much his biggest flaw, after being a little egotistical and his enjoyment of gambling every now and then. Other than those three he’s quite decent. He enjoys sports, typical of a member of the Sol, especially tennis and volleyball. He also looks up to and respects the leaders (as well as his boss) with a small sense of admiration. Otherwise any other authority figure he would mess with. Adal also enjoys his job, being a model for some well-known fashion designer, he prefers living in the dorms at the Sol, mostly because of interaction with others, not having to deal with his agent is always a good thing, some peace and quiet with his partner, plus he was kicked out of his old apartment. He tends to get into small arguments with his partner, mostly because of his attitude, his constant sleeping in, and shirking off his duties to his job. Even though they argue and he teases him, they’re still very close, if anything there fights make their bond closer. Around people he is very social when interacting with them, most of the time he meets people from the volleyball/sand volleyball and tennis courts, work, when he’s in the digital world, and sometimes when he visits the Lune every now and then to go for a swim. Adal cannot stand his bangs over his eyes, so he does various things with his hair, this one being the most common; of course he does it for fun as well, but mostly because of his bangs. He's a major trouble maker and he skips out on his duties to his job a lot. His stories include getting into trouble with a gang in L.A. for accidentally shooting the leader in the leg, many tennis accidents involving windows, and has had bad history with the girls at work.
Born in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, Adal was into the modeling business at a super young age, mostly for baby clothing and for diaper ads on TV. Adal pretty much started because his mother and father were famous, his mother for directing, and his father for acting. He lived in Iceland for only a year though before moving to America and living in New York till he was 12, then over to Iceland again for another two years, till he was 14, and finally moving back to America (this time living in Los Angeles) for another year. Due to his parents job and their somewhat constant moving, Adal didn’t really have that many friends, and the ones that he did make he could only keep in touch with them through, video chat and email.

When he did move back to America, he met Diemon, while roaming the streets of LA. At first, they did not get along; mostly because Diemon burned a good portion of Adal’s left arm and hand (which he now covers with a glove and sleeve), causing their relationship to escalate in a negative way. Although where ever Adal went, Diemon was sure to follow, making Adal a bit upset. Whenever he tried to talk to his parents about getting rid of Diemon, they would just tell him to leave because they were ‘busy’, and whenever he would try to talk to his agent about it, he would brush him off just as his parents did. One night though, as he slept (his shard and digivice in his pajama pockets), and Diemon curled up on the roof, a Reptiledramon attacked their house, his parents being attacked first. Waking up Adal ran down stairs to see his parents in curled up in fear of the Digimon at a corner of the room, and an injured Diemon, who was fighting to protect his family. Adal was baffled at the sight of what was going on. There was a gaping hole on the west side of the house, a part of the neighbor’s house was damaged, his mother was crying, digging her head in her husband’s chest, his father tried to put on a brave face, but no matter how much acting experience he had he couldn’t hide his fear for the ‘monster’. Adal screamed seeing his parents like that, digivolving Diemon into Knavemon. Renewed with more strength and a bit surprised, Knavemon began attacking the champion Digimon again, but do to being a rookie; Knavemon was struck down, trying his best to get up. As Reptiledramon prepared for the final blow against Knavemon; Adal, without thinking, moved in front of the rookie Digimon, receiving a blow to the head and his left shoulder from Reptiledramon’s attack. He fell onto his knees, smiling a little, for doing something stupid; Knavemon knew it too, so he began to yell at him for getting in the way. Laughing, Adal agreed to what Knavemon was saying, and then fainted due to blood loss. Angered, Knavemon drew up all of his strength and battled the large Digimon again, this time with success, surprisingly.

After the disaster that fell upon them, the family checked into the hospital, with a newfound bond between Adal and Diemon, this was where Adal was told about the organizations in Japan. His parents refused for him to move; but that proved to be pointless, because a couple of months later (after his 16th birthday), Adal was transferred to Japan for a modeling contract that would allow him to maintain residence there without dealing with his parents. He accepted, moving to Japan immediately with his agent and Diemon; joining the Sol soon after his arrival. At first he lived in a large apartment with Diemon and his agent, but when his agent heard that there were dorms there, he agent suggested that Adal move into one, since he wasn’t paying the bills or anything, his agent pretty much kicked him out of the apartment, but Adal didn’t mind. He made quite a few friends living on the campus; and he even started getting into gambling (but not to a large extent).

Two years later, when he heard of the leaders going missing, at first he was a little scared, but got over that very quickly, knowing that he and Diemon had each other’s backs when it came down to it. Adal began to devote his time to helping out around the facilities, and finding the digidestined, with work becoming from five days a week to three.

:bulletorange: Playing volleyball and tennis.
:bulletyellow: His job.
:bulletorange: Messing with his hair.
:bulletyellow: Teasing his partner.
:bulletorange: Flirting
:bulletyellow: Gambling
:bulletorange: Having a good time
:bulletyellow: His boss
:bulletorange: Girly-girls
:bulletyellow: Being scolded by his partner
:bulletorange: His agent
:bulletyellow: Know-it-alls
:bulletorange: Cooking
:bulletyellow: His bangs



Model for a famous fashion designer.

In his in-training and rookie forms Diemon is a little shy, but when angered he blows up, (mostly at Adal though) He’s very loyal to Adal and he often hits people who walk up to Adal asking for an autograph, which ends up with Adal telling Diemon that he doesn’t need to do that. Diemon is pretty much Adal’s bodyguard whenever he’s working, probably because he wants to defend him at all cost after the Reptiledramon experience. In his champion form he sounds like a female, and becomes more hot-headed. When Diemon is in Ultimate and Mega form he’s calmer, being less angered easily. In his Ultimate form, he gains two large swords, for duel-wielding. Then in his Mega he carries a long scythe. He uses a holy attack in his in-training form, then moves to fire and electric attacks as a rookie, all three as a champion and ultimate form, then in mega he uses only holy and fire attacks.

Lucky Roll: a weak attack, relases his tail, shoots out light from his tail, amount varies depending on the number it lands on, no mater what the number is it's still a weak attack.

Flame punch: fist becomes enveloped in fire then used as a punch.
Electric charge: releases electricity from his horns and charges

Backdoor Burn: Royalmon dissapears, then attacks their target from behind with fire.
Royal Order: An attack where a ray of light from the sky shoots at an enemy.
Lightning Kick: Royalmon's legs are filled with electricity, for a kick, used as either defence or offence.

Magma Barrage: A baragge of hot magma is shot from the handles of his swords
Micro Limit: Acemon gains a bunch of speed and attacks quickly with electricity from his swords.
Radiating Slice: becomes cloaked in flames and attacks in attempt to slice his oppenent.

Bright Defeat: most powerful attack, is sheltered in light and flames then an attack of many meteors, (also cloaked in light and flames) shoot down from the sky.
Sun Overcast: An attack that partially blinds the target, where Gamblemon shoots a ball of fire from his scythe.
Luminesce Break: An attack with his scythe surrounded by light to cut down his target.


Aditional Info:

:bulletwhite:Each of the necklaces that Adal wears represents the countries that he's moved around to, the one with the blue ball is Iceland and the one with the yellow shard is America. Now he just needs Japan XD.
:bulletorange:His boss (the fashion designer) Is a really nice and understanding woman who somewhat of a mother to him and Diemon.
:bulletyellow:Adal keeps his shard in his glove, and sometimes uses it as a cellphone charm.
:bulletwhite:Diemon loves to snuggle, but Adal dislikes it, so Diemon often gets snuggled by young girls that Adal meets while on the job.
:bulletorange:Adal gets an above average paycheck, but half of it goes into a savings account that his mother created.
:bulletyellow:He receives an education from the comfort of his dorm, online.
:bulletwhite:Diemon usually does the cooking, in his in-training form somehow, he's pretty good at it.
:bulletorange:Adal often wears his sunglasses when going out (identity reasons).
:bulletyellow:His shirt and shoes were printed for him by his boss.
:bulletwhite:Adal get's cold pretty easily, (thus the fluff on his jacket).
:bulletorange:Doesn't tan or get sunburned for some reason XD.
:bulletyellow:Sometimes Adal thinks that Diemon is a girl.
:bulletwhite:Diemon's spots turn orange, it's his way of blushing I guess.
:bulletorange: Adal has an American accent, he can speak fluently in Icelandic, Norweigen, he's been learning Japanese from his boss for two years now.


I hope that this is alrght, I'm not really sure if I got my timeline right, but I hope I did XD.

Thank you for viewing
Comments appreciated (but not nessesary ^^)

Characters (c) me
:iconthedigitalwar: and template belongs to :iconrueme:
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